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Tree Removal Winners – Simon & Desiree Thirroul NSW

Tree Removal Winners – Simon & Desiree Thirroul NSW

In the first half of 2019, Shane’s Trees run our ‘Biggest Ever Tree Removal Competition” for the second time right across Sydney and the Illawarra. In the end there could only be one winning job and on the 10th April 2019 we announced Simon and Desiree from Bulli, NSW as the winners.

Having recently purchased their family home they had a fair bit of tidying up to do with regards to the trees on the property. The yard was quite a good size and a lot of time has been spent on landscaping and planting trees by the previous owners. Some of the tasks we carried out were removing some smaller dead trees, canopy raising on some of the larger trees close to the garage and the house and removing vegetation from in front of the house that was blocking the natural light.

As they already had a large amount of garden and yard space simon asked if we could leave the wood chip tree waste onsite so he could reuse it for garden mulch. Below we have posted a selection photos from the day.

Once again Shane’s Trees would like to congratulate Simon and Desiree on winning the competition and we look forward to possibly running another tree removal giveaway sometime in the future.

removing tree branches
Removing branches after pruning around the house
putting tree waste in the wood chipper
Loading tree waste into the wood chipper
climbing arborist lopping tree branches
Shanes Trees climbing arborist using ropes to prune trees
wood chip mulch for the garden
Wood chip mulch for the garden