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Expert Tree Removal:
Fast, Friendly, Fully-Qualified & Insured

At Shane’s Trees, we’re on a mission to help you keep your property neat, clean and safe. In more than 35 years
of experience, we’ve become the reputable, reliable and professional arborists you can count on for a wide
variety of tree services. When it comes to trees, we’ve dealt with everything (and we mean everything!)

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We Make Tree Removal Simple…

If you’ve got a troublesome tree around your property, there’s a lot to consider. At Shane’s Trees, it’s our job to take
the weight off your shoulders and help you feel comfortable and confident in the successful completion of your
Whatever you need us for – whether it’s removing trees for development, cutting trees for safety or trimming trees to
get a nicer view – we’ll ensure your job is handled quickly, safely and efficiently. We’ve always got your back!

Thats what sets us apart from other providers…


Our reliable team is made up of Cert 3, Cert 5 and Cert 8 arborists (all experienced climbers!) with a wealth of industry knowledge.


35 years of experience, 40,000+ clients and 3 ISO accreditations – we’re the expert tree removers that get the job done right the first time.


We always prioritise the welfare of your family and your property by combining strict policies with tears of industry experience.


Shane’s Trees has full liability insurance workers compensation insurance and professional indemnity insurance to give you peace of mind over your project.

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We’ve Been Lopping Trees Since
Before CDs Were Invented

Here’s The Shane’s Trees Story…

climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama


Here we go! Shane’s Trees starts operating in the beautiful Sutherland Shire and, just a few years later, is bought by Tommy Lawson.


Woodchipper joins the crew! Shane’s Trees becomes one of only two companies in the Sutherland Shire to own a chipper – a sign of the great things to come.

climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama
climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama


One of Shane’s Trees’ first major wins! The company secures a contract with Rockdale council and cements itself as a reliable partner for local authorities.


Shane’s Trees is awarded a high-profile contract with the Sydney Trains to work across the rail network. The wheels are well and truly in motion now (pun intended!)

climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama
climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama


Great innings, Tommy! At the age of 67 (and on doctor’s orders!) Tommy Lawson, Shane’s Trees oldest active climber, finally retires from climbing trees. Ben Lawson is appointed company director.


New home! Shane’s Trees ups sticks and opens a factory HQ in Kirrawee.

climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama
climbing arborist lopping a tree in Kiama


Shane’s Trees plays a major role in the recovery after the Newcastle Storm. The company assists with massive tree cleanups across the area.

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Some factors that might affect your quote…

The size of your tree. Generally, the bigger it is, the longer it takes to remove – and the more space vegetation takes up in our trucks!

Ease of access. Trees around properties with steep embankments are often difficult to load onto vehicles.

Equipment needed. Certain projects require the use of barges, cranes and even helicopters which may be reflected in your quote.

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